Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Holy cr...I mean...Welcome, Harlot fans!

Normally I get an average of about 40-60 hits on my blog per day.

Well, the other day, the Yarn Harlot posted on her blog about a drive to promote breastfeeding, which knitters could help with by making fruit/vegetable-themed baby hats. I sent along several links to free patterns that fit this bill, and she posted them in her entry of yesterday, along with a link to this blog.

Yesterday's hit count skyrocketted to 817.

As I've been typing this, seven more hits have shown up in my stats for today.

The woman is a power in the universe, I tell ya. My apologies to anyone who visited and found all the graphics broken - I host my site images on Yahoo!, which tends to run away and hide when there's lots of traffic.

Anyway...welcome! :) This is just yer average blog about knitting, probably made remarkable only by the fact that I have huge numbers of projects going at a time and am not afraid to take on ridiculously involved knitting. With any luck, a few of you will like it here and stay, which would be cool.

Anyway, in knitting progress news - the previous three days were the Canada Day weekend, and also the weekend for a big SCA event around these parts called Trillium War. So I did not get a whole lot of knitting done. But of what I did get done, there are pictures...

Garden Shawl for MIL
Warning: the edging may kill me. I got started last week. There are 120 row repeats of the pattern in the entire edging. I think I've done 20. Aiee. At least I've memorized the pattern by now, which is helpful. The nice thing is that it's letting me start to stretch out the piece and get a better idea of what the whole thing will look like:

Which is very exciting.

Twizzle cardigan for DD
In my snatches of downtime this weekend, I picked this up. The first sleeve is now approaching completion:

(If you look closely, you can see a laddering line. Sigh. What can I say - the yarn is thick and it's cotton. Given a bit of wear, the lines will probably even out on their own. I refuse to get a hangup about it. REFUSE.)


Dianne R. in FL said...

Hi and good morning. I also came over from Harlot's link. Since I'm infamous for having more wips than I can count, I should feel right at home. I'll be visiting often!!

Tallguy said...

Cotton, hm... well, I'm a great believer in "washing" all your knitting, with soapy water, and all those little imperfections magically disappear! Cotton should be just fine. Sometimes a little pulling and nudging will get those stitches to move over a bit, and it will all even out. Looking good!!

Carrie K said...

I don't see any laddering either but I'm sure it'll block out.

See? 20 down and only how many to go? uh.......never mind. ;)