Thursday, June 29, 2006

Baby's first stash

Monday morning, DD looked over and spied her birthday gift from Tanya & co.. "That's my yarn, it was a present for my birthday!" she informed me. Well. What a perfect opportunity to ask her whether she wanted Mummy to make her something from the yarn, or whether she wanted the yarn to be hers so she could knit with it.

Unequivocally, she made it known that she wanted to knit with it. "I'm going to make a baby dress!" she announced. "A baby dress, an' a sweater, an' a bra...for you! In orange!"

Trying gamely to stifle my laughter, I pointed out, "But that yarn is green. How are you going to make me an orange bra with green yarn?"

She barely missed a beat. "You will have to get me orange yarn! And then I will knit you an orange bra!" she finished, pointing to my chest.

Well. You can't fault that logic, eh? And what a knitter in the making - not even 24 hours after acquiring merino (thanks lots for the specs on the yarn, Mel, I'll be sure to label it before I stash it away), she's talking about getting more yarn.

(Why do I get the feeling that this will ultimately land us a juicy entry in this blog?)

So...sorry Tanya, I know your intention was for me to knit the green into something for my wee one, but it looks like she's going to take care of that all by herself. :) And you have obviously whet her appetite for yarn in vibrant colours. I've already promised DD a box of her very own for her stash (I have a single leftover empty one from the big 18-box purchase).

I can't believe I'm voluntarily giving up the chance to knit with merino (which would be new for me). Ah, well. A mother's love, and all that.

Garden Shawl for MIL
A few weeks ago, Rachel said I had been knitting up a storm. Well, the thunder was booming yesterday, boy howdy, because the body of this sucker is FINISHED! Calloo, callay! Now, as Carrie K said, after this, it's only the edging.

[Dramatic pause before the boom is lowered]

My rough guess is that the edging consists of over 25,000 stitches.


It ain't over 'till it's over, baby.

(Carrie K, now may not be the time to throw me any more clich├ęs. ;)


Carrie K said...

Did it eat my post??? Just because I said "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree" and "A stitch in Time saves Nine." (In time and nine what to be determined later.)

Tanya said...

At least it's the beginning of a beautiful new addiction...

It was such a delight spending time with you this weekend (and thank you for your help!) I've posted a bunch of pictures, but the two of Alia and Tatiana playing both turned out rather poorly I'm afraid.

Julie said...

An orange bra - Oh My!!! Gotta love the fashion sense of a child :)

I found your blog through the Harlot and I have to tell ya, I think I'll stick around.