Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What gives?

I have been very patient regarding the Yarn Harlot's latest book. However, this is getting ridiculous. I picked up her last book a mere 22 days into the month in which it was launched. Her new book launched this month, we're 28 days into it and STILL NO BOOK AVAILABILITY. I want to read it and I can't. This blows.

And I am having real trouble bringing knitting with me to work. This morning I realised that the tabard had reached the point where it was no longer bringable, since there were just ends to weave in, so I resolved to pack my Garden Shawl project...until I realised that it was not on the correct circular, since I'd gotten fed up with the stiffness of the correct needle and taken it out to try and relax it with a hairdryer or something. Where is that correct needle now? Heaven only knows where I put it. So, no Garden Shawl.

Faced with a time crunch by this point, I snatched up the bag containing the Twizzle cardigan project for DD and stuffed it into my bag. Only to realise later (too late) that the pattern was not with it. Where is the pattern? Again, your guess is as good as mine.

Bottom line: I suck! What the hell am I going to bring to work now?

Striped socks for moi
Fortunately, I at least had these in my purse to work on today. And...big trumpet fanfare, please...they are now done.

completed socks

'in action' shot

detail of the patterning on sock #1

detail of the patterning on sock #2 - similar but markedly different from that of sock #1

They look highly un-identical but are very comfy. All that's left is to zip off a notification to 200Sox.

Herald tabard for moi
Duplicate stitch? Check. Weaving in of ends? Check.

detritus leftover from weaving in all the ends (hand included for scale to show the true horror)

tabard, pre-felting (aka 'wearing my mummy's tabard'), plus one of DD's bouncy balls for added interest

Test swatch knitted in stocking stitch so I can see whether fulling will cure the curling? Check. Test swatch fulled? Um...no, not yet.


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