Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A treat for me

I'm planning on going to the Lettuce Knit SnB tonight. Yay! Kelly, I will try to remember to bring a hang tag to show you. But mostly, I will be spending the time there panic knitting on...

Persian Tiles shawl for Grandma
I think I must be getting faster at this, because I'm now able to get thirty rows done per day on a regular basis without having to stay up until ungodly hours (just slightly blasphemous hours). I have 42 rows to go on the knitting before I can cast off the steek. Whew...sorry, I had a moment there...'cast off the steek'...:::shudder::: Repeat to self: You'll be fine. You'll be fine. You'll be fine.

(Okay, honestly, it isn't freaking me out all that much, but I suspect that's because I'm trying not to think about it.)

Anyway, as of yesterday morning, the shawl looked like this. Sorry for the low contrast, I did attempt to fiddle with it a bit for better visibility, but there's a lot of intricate pattern-ness in a small space, so there are limits to what I can do. Still, it should give you an idea of how freaking incredible this pattern is:

Needless to say, it's even bigger now.

Self-patterning socks for DH
A tad more got done on this last night after DD's latest request for privacy in the bathroom. (One of these days I will actually post a photo of the, the sock, that is, not my kid on a toilet.) After my 'privacy ban' was over, I put the knitting down in the hall and went back into the bathroom. Then, in the wee hours of this morning, DD woke up screaming blue murder with a bad nosebleed (for the third night in a row...very frustrating, the child simply will not stop picking her nose). When we finally calmed her down and cleaned everything up, she looked at the knitting sitting in the hall and kind of told me off for putting it on the floor, and insisted that it get put somewhere better. :)

Self-designed cardigan for a baby
In my continuing effort to free my schedule up from baby projects for people who aren't totally near and dear to me, I am de-assigning this one. My friends who are expecting in March, though lovely people, do not run across our path very often. I still want to design and make this cardigan, but it will not be for March, and it will be for someone else - destination unknown.

Minnesota mitts for DH
I have decided not to make fair isle gloves for DH, partly because I'm no longer sure I'll have scads of yarn left over from my Hillhead slipover projects, but also because I found a really neat mitten pattern in Folk Mittens...and I've been dying to knit something from this book ever since I got it last year for Mother's Day. The pattern is called 'Minnesota Mitts' and is actually gloves with a mitten 'pocket' that can go over the glove part for extra warmth, or retract when you need to manipulate things with your gloved fingers. Very cool. It will be DH's anniversary present (February 17). I'm hoping a month will be enough time to swatch and then knit my first pair of combo mittens/gloves. Am I setting myself up here? (Again?)

All-in-one for baby Lounsbury



Gift is wrapped and sitting in the front hall for me to take to work today. Two nights ago I had a nightmare that I showed up at the party and had completely forgotten the gift. I have been obsessive ever since over making sure that doesn't actually happen.

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