Tuesday, January 17, 2006

In a happy knitting place

Thank you very much, Aven, rachel and Kelly, for your compliments on the shawl! I love how it turned out - I think the pattern is genius, the yarn is beautifully soft, and I'm really happy with the colour choices. Plus, now that I have steeked and lived to tell about it, I know I could do it again. If I had to. :)

The only drawback is that I don't feel I had enough time with the shawl as a finished object. I've been wishing for the past few days that I could have it back for a little bit, just to feel and look and admire for a while so that I could get used to the idea of letting it go. But such is life.

(And rachel, I must admit that I have had secret fantasies of my grandmother wearing it out and about just so she could tell people about how her granddaughter made it for her. :)

And now...on to those 'casual', non-pressure knitting projects...

Self-patterning socks for DH
This is going very well indeed. I finished turning the heel of sock #1 tonight:

Boy, that self-patterning thing never stops being cool.

Twizzle cardigan for DD
Got a bit more time to work on this last night and today, and the back is finished. I'm now working on the left front:

It's still pink.

And hey...has anyone else twigged that the Yarn Harlot's next book is just two months away from release? Once again I am excited beyond all reason.

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