Monday, December 05, 2005

Hopped up on life

I am totally stoked. This Wednesday is the official launch of the Yarn Harlot's second book at the Textile Museum of Canada, and I am So. There. (DH and I have been trying to figure out how a book launch can happen more eight months after the release of the title, but I'm not complaining.) I was originally planning on getting out to Lettuce Knit for the SnB this Wednesday evening, but I'm sure, as was the case with first book, that the SnB will relocate this week so that everyone can go to the book launch. :) I'm anticipating an even nicer evening this time around, since I will know people there. The only question is, will I save myself $2 and walk to the museum from work, or will I be lazy and use public transit? I suspect the prospect of being able to go to an extra Lettuce SnB this year with the fare I will save will be the only thing that will motivate me to hoof it.

([Inigo Montoya accent]I hate walking.[/Inigo Montoya accent])

In other news...I went shopping this Saturday at Value Village (DD needed winter boots and new sneakers - I was completely prepared to buy boots new if I couldn't find anything used, but I totally lucked out and found some awesome boots at VV in exactly the right size, bright purple with pink stripes at the top...DD was in boot heaven and I was her #1 hero for the day.) I always check out the (pathetic) yarn selection whenever I go, and am always, always massively disappointed (I was so unbelievably jealous of Stephanie's huge score). However, lately I've also taken to scouring the men's sweater section to see if there's anything in there that's worthy of being cannibalized for wool. So far I've found some nice stuff, but nothing that really screamed 'take me home'.

Until now.

I found an Alfred Sung cardigan in a gorgeous shade of red...100% lambswool. It is soft, it is a great colour for me, it looks fairly easy to take apart. It was $7.99. I bought it. I took it home. I showed DH. His eyes lit up.

He wants the cardigan for himself.


Oh well, I'll just have to go back. Maybe next time I'll find something in cashmere...

Fafner blanket for baby Muth
This project is the bane of my existence. The ball and chain on my ankle. The monkey on my back. The Dementor at my Quidditch game. I swear, I keep knitting and knitting and knitting the edging on this damn thing, and...nothing. I only just finished the first side this weekend. It SUCKS. The Schedule is weeping - it has been thrown completely off by this one damn project, and there doesn't seem to be any hope of redemption. By this point I'm supposed to have finished this blanket, a fair isle hat and mitts, and gotten the second sock of DH's Christmas present started. But no...I'm still working on the damn edging. Sob.

Cape Cod sweater for MIL
Still going well. I think this will be the project I take to the book launch - an entire evening of working on it will probably up my odds of finishing the first sleeve by the end of this week like I'm supposed to.

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stephanie said...

I'm thrilled you're coming! Technically speaking the book was released in September, but're right. It's a long time. When I run the world, things will be different.