Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Adapting to screwups

The Yarn Harlot dropped by and commented that she was thrilled I was coming to the book launch, which was a lovely thing to say. (She is not alone - in case you didn't notice from my last post, I am thrilled that I am coming to the book launch. Every time I think about it I get a little jolt of happy.)

She also mentioned that the book was released in September. This contradicted my recollection (which I mentioned in my previous post) that the book had been released in late March. And then the curtain of stupidity lifted from my brain and I realised that I was thinking of her first book. Clearly my mind cannot handle it when one author releases two books in the same calendar year. You may now mock me. Everybody together...


(I agree that the world would make a whole lot more sense if Stephanie were in charge. Clearly, me being in charge would kill us all.)

I discovered, from reading Kelly's blog, that the new Knitty is out. I must admit, there isn't a lot there that jazzes me. Some of it is actually kind of un-jazzy, if you know what I mean. However, some of them are outright inspiring. Forecast and Tubey look interesting. My mom, reading over my shoulder, thought Bristow was particularly beautiful. I think Bobblicious is pretty cool.

But there are two which are crying out to be made.

NEW - Namaste bag for Aunt Jennifer
My Auntie Jenny (who now apparently prefers to be called 'Jennifer', but my thirty years of 'Jenny' conditioning ain't going away anytime soon, sorry) is a yoga teacher. Needless to say, when I encountered a beautiful knitting pattern for a yoga mat carrying case, she's the person I thought of. It sure as heck ain't going to be made this year...it might not even be made next year...but at some point, it will be hers.

NEW - Mrs. Beeton cuffs for moi
I think this idea is so freakin' cool, and the cuffs are so pretty. I envision myself making multiple pairs...and maybe even figuring out how to make matching collars. The idea of sprucing up my wardrobe with some soft, feminine bling just by doing a tiny bit of knitting is insanely appealing.

Cape Cod sweater for MIL
The niggling worry that I might run out of yarn is rapidly escalating into full-scale paranoia. This is why:

There really isn't that much left on the cone and I'm not even done the first sleeve. This was a unique yarn purchase and there is no way I can get more, ever. I think I'm screwed.

However, as I was moaning about this problem to a co-worker at lunch, it occurred to me that I could make a short-sleeved sweater instead of a long-sleeved one. After all, the yarn for this project is a cotton/linen blend...a short-sleeved wool sweater would make no sense whatsoever, but a short-sleeved cotton/linen sweater would work. And so, here is my plan. In about five rows, I will come to the end of the current texture stripe that I'm working on for the first sleeve. At that point, I will place the sleeve stitches on waste yarn, and begin the second sleeve. If I hit the same point of the second sleeve and have very little yarn left, I will cast off artfully on both sleeves and be done. However, if I hit the same point of the second sleeve and there's lots of yarn left, I will forge ahead on both sleeves (although not simultaneously, obviously) and try to do the full sweater.

This is a good plan. It is a smart plan. It is a workable plan. Except for one thing...

I can't remember ever seeing my MIL wear short sleeves. What if she hates short sleeves? What if I've wasted hours and hours of knitting and untangling labour making her something beautiful that she will never wear?

I could still be sooo screwed. Stay tuned...it could be entertaining. (If you're not me, that is.)

Fafner blanket for baby Muth
Snails move faster:


Kelly said...

Jennifer and I will also be at the launch. See you tonight!

kelly said...

Look what i found. Sadly I still don't remember it!