Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Light and imagery

And so, daylight savings has come to an end for another year. What this means for me and my knitting is that it is too dark to knit in the car on the drive home. Curses.

Do you suppose it is just coincidence that the time of year in which knitters need every possible moment to knit (i.e. the approach of Christmas) is also the time of year in which there is the least amount of daylight? (Daylight of course being very important for knitting in the car, since it impairs the ability of the driver to see the road if you turn the lights on in the car.)

(Admittedly, this is not a problem for people in the southern hemisphere, so perhaps it isn't a universal punishment from the knitting gods. That certainly bolsters the argument for packing up and moving to Australia, though. Heck, I'm a citizen, my father's whole family lives there, why not? Aside from the part where I leave my friends and family forever, of course.)

This problem is why I have asked for this handy-looking gadget on my Christmas wish list. Of course, even if I do receive it, it will not arrive in time to help me this year. So I shall have to come up with another plan. Because between the ridiculously crowded subway and the darkness outside, I got zero knitting done on my commute home tonight. And that's just wrong.

In other news, I have turned to flickr.com for the hosting of my knitting photos. Since I was quickly running out of webspace on my Yahoo! Geocities account, this was necessary sooner or later. So I'm now in the process of uploading all the knitting photos to Flickr and redoing all the image code on the blog. Fun.

One result of all this is that I found a photo I hadn't actually posted yet - a back view of the poncho I did for DD. The new photo shows off the textures and variegation of the hood a lot better than the front view, even though you can't see the adorableness of my kid's face. :)

NEW - ? for baby Lounsbury
Today at lunch, one of my co-workers happened to mention in passing that another of my co-workers and his wife were expecting their first child in January.


Does nobody think to tell me this stuff?!? How am I supposed to knit baby gifts if I don't find out about the existence of the baby until seven months into gestation? Sheesh.

I sure as heck don't have time to design, test drive and knit a pattern, so I will be picking something from one of my baby pattern sources. Probably my new Zoe Mellor book.

Cape Cod sweater for MIL
Coming along - although I've been hit by a few pretty bad tangles lately. However, the division for the yokes draws ever nearer and the design on the underarm gusset is developing very nicely indeed. I like.

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