Monday, November 07, 2005

Keeping on keeping on

Cape Cod sweater for MIL
Last week's goal was to finish half of the back by Sunday night, and amazingly, I almost pulled it off. I expect to reach the halfway point before the end of the day. This means I am definitely catching up to The Schedule. This week's goal is to complete the back, and if I keep going at about the same pace as I've been doing recently, I'll make it with room to spare. Hoo freakin' ray.

Fafner blanket for baby Muth
Yesterday I went on a hunt for every scrap of the cream yarn I'm using for this project. This was a tricky task, because the original one-pound ball I bought has been sliced up into numerous smaller balls (used in two aborted attempts at making an afghan for our bedroom). So there's a lot of it in bits and pieces around the house. Once I had gathered up all the balls I could, I got DH's digital scale and started weighing what I had, including the in-progress blanket. Total: about 350g. This is interesting, since the original ball was supposed to weigh 454g. So, somewhere I've lost 100g of cream-coloured acrylic worsted, and I have no idea where. I don't think I've used it in a project. I don't think I've given it away. It must just be hiding somewhere.

Unfortunately, based on how much the work-in-progress weighed at this point vs. how much work I'd done on it, I calculated that I will need about 430g for the whole blanket. So I was unwilling to keep going with only the cream in the hopes that the missing 100g would magically show up in the next two weeks. I therefore decided to conserve the cream yarn by doing the dragon cables and part of the border in a turquoise acrylic worsted which I think goes very well with the cream. Thus:

I'm not sure why the cables look so wonky in this picture but they look better in person, honest. For the border (which also has cables), the turquoise will be the background and the cables will be in the cream. I think it'll look really nice.

Hopefully this plan of action will conserve the cream yarn enough to let me finish the whole blanket. The agony of this plan is that I won't know for sure until the blanket is mostly done.

Onesie for baby Lounsbury
I think it looks terrific:

Just two more decreases to go and then I can start the neck and shoulder shaping. (Okay, the decreases are 8 rows apart, but still.)

Last night this was sitting on the kitchen table while DD was eating supper, and she asked about it.

Her: "Is that a onesie?"
Me: "Yes, it is."
Her: "Is is for a baby?"
Me: "Yes, it is!"
Her: "Is the baby going to wear it?"
Me: "Yes!"
Her: "It's too small for me."
Me: "You're right!!!"

No, the child is not psychic - I had mentioned what that knitting was all about earlier in the weekend. I was just astounded that she remembered it all. (The exclamation points from me are not meant to indicate escalating annoyance at all the questions, but rather my enthusiasm about her recall abilities.)

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