Saturday, October 22, 2005

Thirty-two and two-thirty

Panic knitting has prevented blogging for a few days. But all is now well and calm. It's kind of eerie, actually.

First of all, on Thursday morning I came downstairs to find this at my place on the kitchen table:

Isn't my husband lovely? When my brother and I were kids we never got 'sugar cereal' except on vacation at Myrtle Beach. So every now and then he gets me these variety packs as a special treat for me. :)

Also Thursday morning, my daughter asked me, "Where's your birthday hat?" Upon being told I didn't have one, she said, "I will buy one for you!" Sure enough, she came home from daycare with a red birthday crown made out of construction paper, with "Happy Birthday Mom" written out in sparkles. Gotta love it. :)

DH made homemade pizza for dinner and generally speaking, it was a great day. The only drawback was the RAGING PANIC!!!! I was feeling.

Fair isle romper for baby Marte
This was the source of much panic. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I abandoned my intelligent and relaxing nap/long shower/knit day structure for all-out knitting in order to finish this on time. At 2:30am today, it was finally done. It looks great. It's a design I'm hoping to publish, so I'm not going to post any pictures, but I really wish I could because I'm very happy with it.

This afternoon of course was the baby shower, so the romper was giftwrapped and given to the mummy-to-be. It seemed to be appreciated, and I received compliments from my fellow shower-goers, which was lovely. But I was not the only person to give a knitted gift! One of the other women had made an extremely cute 'teddy bear' romper. It was cream, and it had a hood with bear ears. The mitts and feet had dark brown 'pads', and dark brown was also used to depict the insides of the ears. It was super-sweet and I can't believe I didn't ask her where she got the pattern. However, I know how to get in touch with her online so I'm not really kicking myself all that much.

Tonight I sleep.

Cape Cod sweater for MIL
I started back in on this a little bit tonight, but I've still just barely started pattern motif #4.

Striped socks for moi
A demonstration of how sleepy I am: I knew that part of the journey to today's baby shower would involve a ride on the subway. So, I resolved to take a small and portable knitting project for that leg of the trip: socks. (Easy decision - the project fits in my purse.) I meticulously went around the house gathering needles, yarn and the pattern, and then meticulously packed the yarn and the pattern into my purse. It was only after I'd gotten on the train that I realised the needles were still at home. AUGH!

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