Sunday, October 02, 2005

Still alive

It's been quite a week. DH was away in Ohio on course for most of it, leaving me to handle everything myself. Blogging, unsurprisingly, kept getting shunted to the list of low priorities. Can I just say that my respect for single parents just rises higher and higher every time DH has to go away. How they pull it all together by themselves day after day is just beyond me.

I finished the fringe at lunch on Friday, and tadah! Chewie is now beautifully accessorized for the colder fall weather. My colleagues thought it was a hoot. And there's another piece of good news - I came in on Friday morning to discover Chewie's lost pumps on my keyboard. My co-worker had found them, so Chewie's ensemble is now complete! There is, sadly, no photo, as I am reluctant to bring my camcorder all the way to work for one silly shot, but I'm going to ask one of my coworkers with a Treo (with a camera in it) if he minds humouring me.

Stornaway sweater for BIL (blue)
The sleeve is still nowhere near completion. Sadly, the trend I had going of slowly catching up to The Schedule with this project has fallen in the pooper. I have not even finished last week's goal of finishing half the second sleeve. (I estimate the sleeve is only about 25% done, actually.) But we shall see what can be accomplished today.

Secret Garden cardigan for niece
This is bee-yew-tifully on schedule. I was supposed to have half of the body done by the end of today, and I believe I accomplished this by Thursday. It looks really nice. The following photo was taken earlier in the week - the cardigan is a bit bigger now, but this will still give you a good idea of how it's coming along:

Larry's Cabled Cashmere Pullover for DH
Alright, I admit it. The reason the poor Stornaway sweater is so far behind schedule is that on Friday night, I took advantage of the last evening of DH's absence and plowed forward on this.

Bottom ribbing is now done and you can see right at the top of the work there that the first row of cabling (plus a little bit) has been accomplished. I am now on ball #2 and am freaking out just a little that there may not be enough yarn.

It struck me on Friday that this is going to be an increasingly difficult project to hide. I may have to get creative.

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