Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Same old, same old - but better

Ankle still hurts, but is much improved. I'm back at work.

Hooray, Chewie is returned! (Although missing the hat - and I can't find the green pump that was left behind, either.) He was on my desk this morning, lying atop a printed note in Ransom font:

Next time Chewie may not be so lucky

Better keep an eye on him

(Cue ominous music)

Stornaway sweater for BIL (blue)
I'm back to carrying around the full cone of yarn for this project. Yes yes, I know, it's silly to carry all that weight when I don't have to, especially with a bum ankle. But this morning I decided that with just half a sleeve left to go, winding another skein wasn't worth the hassle. So I just stuffed the whole cone in my bag. Easy.

And hey, did you catch that? "Just half a sleeve left to go"? Yes, I've reached the halfway point of sleeve #2. This means I'm now only one week behind schedule instead of two.

Secret Garden cardigan for niece
This continues to move forward very well. In fact, in just one day at home - not even spending all my time knitting, since DD was home sick from daycare - I made big progress.

Both fronts of the yoke are finished, and I'm working on the back. This bodes very well indeed for how much Schedule catch-up I'll be able to accomplish on my knitting vacation later this month.

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