Thursday, October 06, 2005

Lost time

Even just a cursory glance at The Schedule reveals that I'm woefully behind. This is the week of October 3rd. I am currently supposed to be working on finishing the second pattern repeat on MIL's Cape Cod sweater, and finishing off the body of the Secret Garden cardigan for my niece. Also by now, I'm supposed to have accomplished the following:

  • Completed fair isle baby romper
  • Completed Stornaway sweater
  • Half the body of the Secret Garden cardigan


I haven't touched Cape Cod in months, the romper (once I frog back to eliminate my grievous design error) is barely started, and the Stornaway sweater is still missing a completed second sleeve.

On the plus side, the Secret Garden cardigan is right on track.

Knitting vacation. Knitting vacation. Knitting vacation. All will be solved. Knitting vacation.

Stornaway sweater for BIL (blue)
I am actually maintaining a hope that I will finish the sleeve this week. I also actually think this might be a realistic goal. I mean heck, why not? There are just 18 rows left in the sleeve shaping, plus about 36 rows after that without shaping, a decrease row, and then 25 ribbed cuff rows. Eighty rows in three days. Why not?

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