Monday, October 24, 2005

Falling short of expectations

My knitting vacation is over. Much was accomplished...but unfortunately, much was not accomplished. I had wanted to:

  1. Finish the fair isle romper
  2. Block the Stornaway sweater
  3. Finish the Secret Garden cardigan
  4. Get 4 pattern motifs done on the Cape Cod sweater
  5. Get about 70% done on the lacy baby shawl
  6. See the Yarn Harlot speak at the Downtown Knit Collective
  7. Catch up on my sleep


  1. Achieved...but only at the expense of other goals
  2. Not done - didn't even touch it
  3. Not done - although I have started the left front edge
  4. Not done - although the 4th pattern motif is in progress
  5. Not done - didn't even touch it, and in fact, I'm thinking of frogging and redesigning the whole thing
  6. Are you kidding?!? There was a romper to finish! I couldn't afford to lose one moment of knitting time!
  7. See #6


Carnival Coat for DD
Yesterday my daughter asked to see "the monsters that aren't scary on the television". (Translation: our Monsters, Inc. DVD.) As we watched, I figured what the heck, DD is fairly well occupied, and I'm in the mood to do some clever fixing. So I brought out this project and fiddled around and created a third buttonhole. It looked great. Then I got DD to try the cardigan on to see how the whole thing fit. It's still too big on her, but the sleeves weren't ridiculously long on her anymore. I figured that by the time she grows into the body, the sleeves will also be more or less the right length, so I decided not to shorten them. And that means that this project is DONE!


back (with a cute little hand in the background)
DD might fit into it by the spring. And if not, then next autumn. I'll post a pic when it happens. I'm looking forward to it - the cardigan looks so great with her colouring. Yay!

Cape Cod sweater for MIL
Woefully behind schedule. I'm still working on the fourth pattern motif, even though The Schedule dictates that I should be starting the fifth pattern motif today. Ah, well. I'll try to concentrate on this project this week and see how I do.

Secret Garden cardigan for niece
After this morning's commute, I'm close to being halfway done on the left front edging. I expect to complete it before the day is out and maybe even get a fair ways into the right front edging. The end is near!

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