Monday, September 05, 2005

Joy infusion

Very exciting things happening this weekend. I'm really starting to get jazzed about knitting again. And the blog is much more colourful today, too.

Fair isle romper for baby Marte
Friday evening DH went to get the mail before picking me up, and what happened to be in our mailbox right before the long weekend but the royal blue sock yarn! Hooray! I promptly did a test swatch of the motif design and it looked fantastic, if I do say so myself.

I then sat down and plotted out all the dimensions I needed for the romper, and cast on. It went swimmingly. I did find myself without some of my notes at my parents' place last night - the notes that I needed to calculate some decreasing. However, I thought I was able to do an educated guess and forged ahead. A mistake. My educated guess was based on the premise that the motif swatch I did was 70 stitches across. Sadly, it was actually 74. (Yes, I should have actually counted instead of relying on my brain to come up with the right number.) This error means I'm going to have to do some ripping, but only about 4 rows, so not a huge deal.

So far I've finished about half the back. Since I'm going to try and sell this design, I'm not going to post exactly what it looks like here, but I don't think displaying a few miles of stocking stitch would be giving away the farm:

Work continues. It's going beautifully quickly. (So far.)

Stornaway sweater for BIL (blue)
Thursday night I finished the first shoulder strap:

Unfortunately, I haven't worked on the sweater since, but at least I know I can do a shoulder strap in about a day. Next up: shoulder strap part deux, and then onto the neck ribbing.

Striped socks for moi
I have discovered that socks are an extremely nifty kind of project. I can work on them in just about any situation! Including just walking down the street. I walked around my neighbourhood for about an hour this weekend, mostly to see how long it would take me to get to the local bus terminal to catch a new public transit express bus line (twenty minutes - not bad) and took my sock knitting with me to see if I could walk and knit the sock at the same time. I can. This opens up huge possibilities! Walking is excellent exercise, and if I don't have to give up knitting time in order to exercise, there is a remote chance that I might actually - gasp! - become physically fit! Wow.

Anyway, not only did I make that nifty discovery, but I also finished the foot of the sock and am starting on the leg:

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