Friday, July 22, 2005


And now...something political. I know, I know, this is a knitting blog. But the political stuff is Big and Important, and I'm in charge here anyway, so keep your hair on. :)

On Wednesday, Canada's Senate approved the same-sex marriage legislation. Later that evening, the Bill received Royal Assent.


I don't mind saying that I had a moment of genuine 'vorkleptness' on Wednesday night when it was announced on the news. Now, I don't pretend that our country is perfect in tolerance and human rights by any stretch of the imagination. But, having travelled a fair bit around our wonderful world, I think I can say with some level of assurance that we are better than most. And this was another HUGE step forward. Hooray for progress. Hooray for Canada. Hooray for being able to commit to the person you love.

And, as always, hooray for knitting. (And hooray for lame-o segueways.)

Lacy shawl for baby Muth
Yesterday I completed the first draft of the design and started testing it. The problem is that in order to test the entire pattern, I have to knit an entire sixth of the blanket, because the pattern does not really repeat. The pattern stretches over the whole of one triangle (and there are six triangles in the blanket, since it is a hexagon). So the testing takes for-freakin'-ever - I'm not even close to done yet. (Further proof - like you needed it - that I instinctively do things the hard way.) So far it's looking fairly good, although I am not happy with what the eyelets do in some spots. But I am holding off on fiddling with the design until after I see how the whole thing comes out.

Stornaway shawl for BIL (blue)
My goal of reaching the underarm gussets by the end of Sunday is looking very unattainable right now, particularly since sometime this weekend we'll be visiting my MIL. My BIL lives with her, so obviously I can't take this project there, although maybe I could work on it in the car and then hide it in the car while we go into the house. Gah. All this manoeuvering and intrigue!

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