Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Advice on my dilemma

Susan is so nice. She offered commiseration and suggestions for my Counterpane blanket quandary. She wrote, "That's the problem with old stash yarn, there never seems to be enough." I would like to clarify that point. I had thirteen 50g balls of the turquoise worsted. That is a whole heck of a lot. In what universe is 650g of yarn not enough to knit a baby blanket? (In my universe, apparently, where knitting often hits the pooper.) Augh!

She also suggested doing a lace edge if I rip the border out and redo. She's quite right, the lace would use less yarn and have more give. It would seem like the perfect solution (if one could only ignore the fact that one has just ripped out an entire week's worth of knitting that now has to be redone on a blanket for a baby who could come at any second). But here's the problem - I really like the braid!!! Oh, well.

And now - a further dilemma. I have been determined all week to finally get to an SnB at Lettuce Knit. I told my husband about it, and he said he was cool with it, and everything that had to be done was going to be done in advance, and it was going to work, and it was going to be great.

And then, this afternoon, my throat started to hurt. As the hours ticked by, the nasty feeling crawled up into my sinuses, too. Once again my beautiful, charming and talented daughter has infected me with Disease. I am sick. I will probably have to skip work tomorrow, and therefore, again, miss the SnB. Waaaaaah...

Mountain Laurel Counterpane blanket for baby Gelman
The border is done. It is way too small. I do not have a blanket, I have (as DH so helpfully pointed out) a fitted sheet. (This actually filled me with glorious inspiration for a few minutes as I thought, "Hey...what if I told the parents it was a fitted sheet? For, say, a standard-size playpen?" Then I went and got our standard-size playpen to see how well it would fit, and, well, it doesn't. So much for that. And it's way too small for a standard-size crib mattress. At least, I think so. Hey, maybe I should try the blanket on our standard-size crib mattress just to see. But I have little hope.) I've laid the thing out and I really don't think blocking would work. I may actually end up ripping aaaaall the border out and doing it again. Sob.
Stornaway sweater for BIL (blue)
The Schedule, in its infinite wisdom, dictates that this week I must go back to working on my MIL's Cape Cod sweater. However, we were (as usual) running a bit late this morning, and the thought of carefully placing the four highly-prone-to-tangling skeins of yarn for this sweater strategically in my bag really got the back of my neck all tense. No, I needed a project I could just dump right in my bag so I could get the heck out the door. What could I bring that would satisfy the spirit of The Schedule? Why, the blue alpaca Stornaway sweater, of course. :) It and the Cape Cod are both Christmas projects, so I can trade one of my Stornaway weeks for a Cape Cod week and still be good, schedule-wise. So, into my bag went the sweater-in-progress and the big honkin' cone of alpaca, and away we went. And what a fantastic freakin' decision that was. The alpaca is sooo soft. It feels sooo good. I am sooo loving working on it. I will be hard-pressed to go back to the cotton/linen blend of Cape Cod next week, I tell ya. It felt so good that at lunch I lost my head and offered one of my knitting co-workers the opportunity to feel up the cone. My other co-workers present were kind of shocked. All of them (the knitting co-worker included) thought it was very strange that I would brazenly invite someone to - ahem - 'stroke my alpaca'.

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