Monday, June 20, 2005

Something's missing

There's a definite absence of something around here. Oh wait, I know what's gone - panic.



This feeling of euphoric relaxation...I like it. I could get used to this.

Striped socks for DH
In desperation, I gambled that DH would not be able to see what I was knitting while he was driving and I was sitting right behind him. It worked. (And I shall file that useful bit of information away for future reference.) I knitted the sock en route to and from an SCA event on Saturday. I also worked on it at the event while DH was fighting and DD was in her playpen making a mockery of naptime. Unfortunately, DH came back briefly for some strange reason and I was hard-pressed to get the knitting out of sight fast enough. I sort of succeeded - he didn't see what it was, but he did see that I was knitting something and that I'd tried to hide it from him. #^@$*&#%. So the socks were not the complete surprise that I had hoped they would be. However, he did love them - he says he thinks they're even nicer than his birthday socks.
Mountain Laurel Counterpane blanket for baby Gelman
Now that my co-worker's baby present and DH's Father's Day socks are done, this is the next project that has to be finished. I'm aiming for the end of June. So far, all I've done is to get a little bit further on hexagon #12, but I expect to finish that and start hexagon #13 (the last full hexagon!) before the day is through.
Hooded jacket for baby Sperling
DD really made up for Saturday's lack of sleep yesterday by indulging in a four hour nap. Yes, you read that right. Four. Freakin'. Hours. In fact, it was closer to four and a half hours. Unbelievable. DH and I were greatly relieved, because what with no nap and going to bed really late on Saturday, she was so tired Saturday night that she kept waking herself up and getting really upset. Like, completely-hysterical-sobbing-for-no-good-reason kind of upset. Heartbreaking stuff. I finally had to take her into the spare bedroom and sleep with her so that she would stay asleep without freaking out. Anyway, the point of all this rambling is that her massive nap gave me loads of time (after I took my own nap of recovery, of course) to work on this project. And I gotta say - this is one freakishly quick knit. I completed the left front and got a good start on the right front. All was going so well until I took some time to admire the completed left front and noticed that the button band and the neck shaping were on opposite sides. How genius am I. In horror, I re-checked the instructions and realised that I had started the neck shaping with the right side facing instead of (as the instructions clearly stated) the wrong side. Moron. Fortunately, it will be an extremely simple and non-time-consuming matter to frog it back to the beginning of the neck shaping and re-knit, but it's the principle of the thing, y'know? If it weren't for the fact that I am way ahead of schedule on this project, I'd be totally disgusted with myself. But since it's otherwise going really well, there's just a little bit of disgust.

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