Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Meeting my Waterloo

Celtic cable sweater for baby MacDonald
61 hours left: Finish picking up stitches for sleeve #2. Start knitting.
47.5 hours left: Discover that I should have done my first sleeve decrease in the previous row. Screw it. I'll decrease in the next row instead. No one will notice.
47 hours left: Discover that I started the sleeve at the wrong point in the main cable pattern. I cannot possibly fudge this one because the main sleeve pattern transitions into the rib pattern, which means that the ribbing must start at a specific point in the main sleeve pattern. In order for the two sleeves to be the same length, the main pattern must therefore begin at the same point on both sleeves. I am forced to rip out two precious inches of sleeve. To top it off, putting the work back on the needles post-ripping takes a long time because of dropped stitches. Vicious cursing occurs throughout.
43.5 hours left: Discover a dropped stitch three rows previously that messes up one of the cable patterns - unless, of course, I want to rip that section of the sleeve back three rows and redo the cables manually. The cable pattern in question is small, right at the bottom of the sleeve at the armpit and is getting decreased out of existence further along the sleeve anyway. Screw it. I work the dropped stitch up for the three dropped rows but don't recreate the cable pattern. Very little guilt is felt.
40.5 hours left: Blog about the Project From Hell. Feel even more panicked. Doom approaches.
Striped socks for DH
Last night's knitting on the commute brought me three-quarters of the way to my goal for today, which is to have 1.5" done on the leg. Since I am in complete panic mode for my co-worker's baby sweater, I am going to be satisfied with those three-quarters and stop work on the sock until the sweater is complete. Hopefully I will still be able to finish it in time for Father's Day, but I'm not sure. We'll see.

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