Friday, June 24, 2005

It's pretty easy being green

It struck me recently that a heckuva lot of my projects lately have been green or green-ish. So I checked...

  • Mountain Laurel Counterpane blanket for baby Gelman: greeny turquoise
  • Hooded jacket for baby Sperling: mostly green (two different shades of it) with some white stripes
  • Secret Garden cardigan for my niece: khaki
  • Ljod cardigan for moi: teal green
  • Elizabeth I sweater for moi: forest green
  • Striped socks for DH: Striped green and black/brown
  • Itchy and Scratchy mittens for baby MacDonald: mint green, plus multicoloured embroidery for Itchy and Scratchy
  • Yoked sweater for Jack Rosatelli: white sweater, but with a big forest green yoke

This means that over a quarter of the projects I'm working on or have finished this year have a significant amount of green in them. And that doesn't include:

  • MIL's Christmas present, finished at the end of last year, which was green with some black detail.
  • The celtic knotwork sweater for baby MacDonald and the textured poncho for Quinn Ashthorn, which I started making in green, but then changed my mind and switched to other colours (possibly in subconscious protest of the preponderance of green in my other projects).
  • The fisherman's sweater I plan to someday design and knit for DH, which I want to make in forest green.

I must like green more than I thought.

Plus, I am now remembering that my nickname in grade school among some of my friends was 'Greener' because of the extremely vividly-coloured coat I wore for a few winters. (Which, I must say in my defence, was bought for me by my mom.)


You decide.

However, I refuse to greenify the colour scheme of the blog. Nuh-uh.

I know who to blame

It is with a major red face that I must announce I found my 'lost' 7mm needle and attached point protector. Turns out that even though I thought I remembered stuffing it further into my bag during the elevator trip down to the ground, it had actually leapt out of my bag while I was still in my office (never came close to the elevator) and has been happily sitting on the floor outside my cubicle for two days, puzzling the co-worker who sits across to me as to what the hell it was. I guess my brain fooled me.

Oh, also - the point protector in green.

Aw, geez, and my Chibi is green, too! Aaaaaahhhh...I can't escape...

Mountain green Laurel green Counterpane green blanket for baby Gelman
All pieces are DONE. Now the hold-the-nose-and-sew part has begun. As of early this morning, the blanket had begun to come together:

And it's even bigger now. All thirteen hexagons have been sewn closed and pieced together, plus two of the half-hexagons. Just eighteen more seams to go and I have a blanket ready for a border. It's all good.
Hooded jacket for baby Sperling
As promised, here's what the fronts look like

I've also made a little bit of progress on the first sleeve:

It would be bigger than this, but I screwed up last night. I finished the moss stitch cuff and eagerly started zooming through the pattern without reading the very clearly stated instructions to start increasing on the fifth and every following fourth row. (Really, Kathleen? Increasing on a sleeve? What a novel freakin' concept. Moron.) So I had to frog back to the first increase row and start again. With any luck I will make better progress tonight. And I think I should make an effort to read the instructions for this pattern a little more carefully from now on, since this sleeve fiasco is the second time I ignored instructions and paid the consequences.

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