Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I think I'm screwed

Mountain Laurel Counterpane blanket for baby Gelman
Sadly, another day without pictures. I woke up late and DD woke up early - a sure-fire recipe for morning chaos. Plus, DD wanted to spend her extra awake time this morning 'watching the baby in the television', aka 'Mummy plays old videos of DD from the camcorder'. You try downloading pictures from a camcorder which is being used to keep your toddler happy while you run around the house like a maniac getting ready for the day. Go on, I dare ya. Anyway, so no pictures, sorry, even though I have started the border and it looks pretty darn good. However, the reason I think I'm screwed is that I have two 50g balls of the yarn to do the border with and I really don't think that's gonna cut it. I originally thought I stood a good chance, but I'm looking at how wide this border is, and my optimism is gooooone. I'll keep going just in case, but I have no idea what I'm going to do if I run out. This is old yarn, boy howdy, from the days when The Bay used to sell craft supplies. (The label says "Baycrest, Sayelle Knitting Worsted", and just to rub it in, also contains the fateful words, "Please purchase sufficient yarn of the same dye lot number to complete your garment.") There ain't no way I can get more. (Although I did go on eBay just now to see if maybe anyone was selling some, and it turns out that there is indeed a person selling six balls of completely the wrong colour.) And this blanket really must have a border. So I'm thinking I'll have to fall back on that white worsted I was thinking of using for the blanket in the first place. That wouldn't look too too bad, would it? Turquoise blanket with a white border? Someone reassure me here...

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