Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I don't know who to blame

I lost one of my 7mm DPNs last night. I'm pretty sure it flew out of my bag while I was running to catch the subway train. I was running because I had been stuck behind this slow-as-molasses idiot whom I didn't want to yell at because I caught a glimpse of his face and I'm pretty sure he works on my floor. (And Murphy's Law states that if I screamed at him to move his @$$, then sometime next week he would be transferred to my department into a key position to be able to make-or-break my career, and the first impression he ever would've had of me would be that of a crazy beeyotch who snapped obscenities at him in public. No thanks. So I held my tongue.)

Finally I managed to get out around him and made a dash for the train doors, and I think that's when the needle made its break for freedom. I do know that I had the needle when I left my office, because I noticed on the elevator down that it was sitting pretty loosely in my bag, so I tried to stuff it in a bit better. And it was missing when I got on the train and wanted to knit.


Is it my fault for not packing it into the bag more tightly when I noticed it wasn't secure? Is it the fault of the moron in front of me who decided that the subway platform during rush hour while a train was pulling into the station was a good place to take a slow amble? Is it the fault of my fellow subway patrons who didn't notice the needle falling and try to get my attention so I could pick it up? (Or maybe they tried but I was too intent on making the train to hear them - which would be my fault again, I guess.)

Who knows.

All I know is that the needle is gone and I really hope that calling the TTC Lost and Found will yield good results. I do have other 7mm DPNs (enough to make a full set, actually, which was a big relief to discover), but this DPN had a point protector attached to it, and I don't relish the idea of having lost a point protector.

(Best case scenario of course is that Slow Boy from my floor who made me run in the first place recognized me, picked up the needle, and is waiting to see me around the office today to hand it back. But that would be just too fortuitous. I ain't holding my breath.)

The good news is that I was able, to a limited extent, to keep knitting on the commute home. I used a double-ended stitch holder as my left-hand needle and knit with my remaining 7mm DPN as my right-hand needle. This did mean that at the end of every row I had to transfer all the stitches back on to to the stitch holder, but hey, some knitting is better than no knitting.

Mountain Laurel Counterpane for baby Gelman
All hexagons are now complete! Yay! Plus, I finished the third half-hexagon at lunch today and started the fourth (and last) one. When that's done, I'll have just three edge triangles left to do. Completion is within my grasp, I can almost smell it. I laid out all the pieces last night and it looked like this:
Hooded jacket for baby Sperling
Picture time. The back of the jacket looks like this:

The right front (currently in progress) looks like this:

And the screwed-up left front looks like this:

Man, that's embarrassing. However, as you can see, the right front is very close to being done - I'm two rows away from being able to start the neck shaping, which I will make absolutely sure is done on the correct side.

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