Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Convert to the cause

My husband has been talking for a while about knitting himself some golf club covers. He wants to do it himself. I have been expressly forbidden from making some for him. But I am allowed, nay, even expected, to assist by finding patterns, guiding him through the pattern, instructing him on what yarn to get, etc.

No, I don't really mind. :) Heck, I love the idea.

So last night he went hunting for a golf club cover pattern I'd downloaded and printed from the Lewiscraft website. He found it (atop one of the many, many, many piles of paper in our workroom) and looked it over. There wasn't a lot about the pattern that seemed incomprehensible to him, and the covers looked good (except for the pom-poms), so he asked me what I thought. I looked it over and concluded that yes, he could totally do it, no problem.

The only techniques in the pattern that he doesn't know how to do are casting on (easily taught), casting off (ditto), and knitting in the round (more tricky). Oh, there are also some yarn changes because the pattern calls for horizontal stripes, but that's not really a big deal. I described knitting in the round, and DH seemed a little iffy. He's still not sure, but he said he'll let me know.

Guess who's expected to convert the pattern to flat knitting if he decides not to go with knitting in the round?

(I know, it sounds like I'm complaining...I'm totally not. I'm highly amused by all of this, but I'm definitely not annoyed. Far from it. I'm damn proud of him, actually.)

Then it was time to figure out what yarn to use. So I explained about gauge, and how to tell, when you're shopping for yarn, whether it will suit the pattern you want. We also discussed yarn content - he will be using acrylic because he doesn't need anything fancier and - get this - because he would never dream of using up my good yarn. (Hands off, straight ladies and gay men, he's all mine.)

DH wants the covers to be green and yellow, but in the interests of a) saving money and b) using up my excess stash, he's decided to go with black and white instead. Sadly, I was not able to convince him to use up some of the gobs of purple Red Heart acrylic I've got. He didn't actually say that purple golf club covers wouldn't be manly, but it was strongly implied in the tone in which he said, ""

Then, despite the fact that it was at this point 10pm, he had to go all around the house to round up the supplies he would need. He made a lot of noise (which I ordinarily wouldn't have minded, but DD was sleeping) and a bit of a mess.

Honestly, I have to admit that I loved watching him run around gathering up all the stuff he'd need because he couldn't wait to get going.

Just. Like. Me.

He wants to start tonight.

Striped socks for DH
2.5" have now been done on the leg. I'm aiming to finish sock #1 by the end of the week.
Celtic cable sweater for baby MacDonald
I have almost reached the same point I was at pre-frogging. I'm hoping to get a fair bit done tonight, even though I will probably have to start and stop a lot as I help DH with his golf club covers.

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