Tuesday, May 10, 2005


If you've been reading this blog since at least January, you will know that I knitted a sweater for my brother-in-law as his Christmas present...and that it was completed about a month late. Anyone paying close attention to the blog will have noticed that this sweater (much to my shame) was never actually given to said brother-in-law. This is because I never got off my duff and hauled his presents down to a post office and mailed them. (In my defence, the combination of the sweater and DH's gift to his brother did not fit any box in our house and would have made for a helluva weird-shaped package.) HOWEVER...DH's aunt's wedding is promising to actually bring this reclusive BIL out of Ottawa and into our presence, and therefore the sweater should be given by the end of the week.

Straightforward? Sure...or so I thought. Until DH realised that the box containing the sweater had water stains on it (DH had brilliantly been storing it in the garage - long story, don't ask). With a trembling heart, I cut open the tape holding the box lid on to check on the sweater...


However - since it was out of the box, I took the opportunity and took several pictures. Check 'em out:

The whole thing

Detail of the pattern

Detail of how the shoulder strap extends into the sleeve - isn't that totally cool?

In other news, while reading knitting blogs, I came upon a link to the most incredible project: The Angband sweater. Go. Marvel. Get depressed about your own designer aspirations.

Snowdrop cloth for DH's aunt
I wove in all the ends and tightened up the gaping maw bee-yew-tifully. All that remains is to block it. This is such a daunting task that I'm procrastinating - but I'm hoping to suck it up, pull it together and do it tonight. Yes, I know what time it is already.
Mountain Laurel Counterpane blanket for baby Gelman
Finished the first worked-flat hexagon yesterday and started on the second one. It looks excellent:

Moreover, worked with the 7mm needles, the hexagon is big enough that I can definitely get away with doing fewer component pieces and still have a good-sized blanket.
Socks for DH
Cast on today! As of photo-taking time about an hour ago, they looked like this:

However, they are now much, much closer to the spot where I turn the heel. I've never turned a heel before. I consider myself a very fearless knitter, but I have heard horrible things about heel-turning, so I am mentally prepared for numerous frogs and re-starts.

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