Sunday, May 22, 2005

Return to Oz

Susan visited again, and left some comments - one of which was a slap on her own wrist for not commenting earlier. :) In response, I feel I should mention that although it totally jazzes me to get comments on my blog, if someone visits and doesn't comment, I don't get worked up about it. My take on it is, if the spirit moves you, do leave a comment. If it doesn't, don't. I don't take it personally. :)

I too am very unfaithful to my projects. (Really, Kathleen? With 19 WIPs in progress? Ya think?) That 'Oooh, gotta knit that NOW' thing is exactly what keeps happening to me. However, so far I do have a pretty good track record of (eventually) getting back to projects and completing them.

Also Susan, I cannot wait to see your Persian Tiles swatch on your blog. I completely agree that it is a gorgeous pattern. I also think that if I really stopped to think about it, I would probably find that I too prefer Jade's stuff to Alice's. Not that Alice sucks! :) (Hell, no.) But I think a lot of Jade's stuff is more to my taste. I think I will be able to pull off wearing the Catherine Howard because I am very slender, fairly young, kind of dramatic-looking, and totally into the medieval thing. Just don't hold your breath waiting to see more progress on that project. What with everything I have to complete in 2005, I don't think I'll be picking it up any time soon.

Thanks for visiting!

Socks for DH
Done!!! To my extreme surprise, the sock, needles and yarn ball actually all fit in the tiny front pocket of my bag, so I was able to bring them home for the weekend. While DD was napping today, DH spent a lot of time in the basement getting us ready for our upcoming garage sale (shudder), so I was able to finish sock #2! So there you go - my first pair of socks ever.
Mountain Laurel Counterpane blanket for baby Gelman
No progress, but I finally took a picture of the current layout:
Jacket for baby Sperling
I hunted through my collection of baby patterns and came up with a very sweet little hooded jacket from a Sirdar booklet. I started making it in the third size (6-9 months) because the baby is going to be born just as the summer heat hits (yes, the baby is due end of November, but since the family is in Australia I have to take the reversal of seasons into account), so 6-9 months is right when warmer clothing will start to be needed. But I was only about six rows into it when I realised the thing would probably be big enough to fit my two year old. I checked the pattern for the finished measurements, and they are pretty darn generous. So I'm going with the 0-3 month size instead, which will give me a finished chest of about 19.5". That'll fit a six month old, right? RIGHT? Someone reassure me here? I've already knit about 9" on the back already and I don't want to frog.
Striped socks for DH
I searched through my entire DPN collection and I don't have the right size needles. F***. I so want to start these socks, augh! Well, maybe my circular collection will yield better results. Stay tuned.


Susan said...

The baby jacket should be more than big enough. I looked at a Paton's jumper pattern and it has a 12month old "generous fit" underarm measurement of 20".

Thin and young. Ahh memories. Katherine Howard needs just such a body. I want to knit that one just because of its unusual construction. Not sure about the "knots" though - I'm not a bobble person. Maybe Jade subconsciously felt the same, as she forgot to include the knots ("K") on her chart key.

A finished object! I've only made 2 pairs of socks in my knitting career. I can see why some people get totally addicted, but I don't think I'll ever fall into that category. There are some amazing socks in the Bäuerliches Stricken books - lots of intricate travelling twisted stitch patterns - that I'd like to have a go at, just for the challenge. One day.

The counterpane looks lovely. Love the colour.

Aven said...

Yay for your first pair of socks! See, heels are no big deal; people just like to pretend they're scary so that they can show off how well they did them. ;)
I predict you'll have some socks on the go most of the time from now on!