Friday, May 27, 2005


So I took a look at all the projects I want to complete this year. And, well,'s a big list.

  • I have about two or three weeks to finish 80% of a baby sweater
  • I have three weeks to complete a pair of socks that I only just started
  • I have five weeks to complete 55% of a baby blanket
  • I have six months to research, design, pattern-test and complete a lacy baby shawl
  • I have six months to design, pattern-test and complete a miscellaneous baby project
  • I have six months to complete 70% of a baby jacket
  • I have seven months to complete two adult sweaters with tiny gauge
  • I have seven months to complete a child's cardigan

Whaddya think? Am I doomed? I think I'm doomed.

Striped socks for DH
These small pointy needles are killing my fingers. However, the good news is that the final attempt at the pattern actually worked. I blame the pattern for the confusion - the instructions are really murky. But I have persevered and triumphed (for now). Toe is complete and I have about an inch done on the foot. This self-striping thing is pretty darn cool. I like. I will try to sneak a picture of it onto the blog without DH seeing what I'm doing.
Celtic cable sweater for baby MacDonald
This was my 'cover' project last night, so whenever DH came upstairs I hid the socks project and picked this one up instead. Not much got done, but I feel very virtuous for having gotten back into this. I suspect I will have to concentrate my efforts on this sweater in the next few weeks, since there will probably be a shower at work in advance of when the baby is actually due, and I'll want the sweater done in time for that.
Mountain Laurel Counterpane blanket for baby Gelman
Finished off full hexagon #11 in the car this morning and started work on #12. I'm probably going to ease off on this for a while as I panic-knit on the celtic cable sweater instead.

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Susan said...

Doomed? Of course not! You are the inspiration that sustains and motivates the rest of us slackos. Do you really have to design the projects? Can't an already written pattern suffice? I'm not big on self-design because there are so many published patterns that I would love to knit. I have more patterns than I know what to do with - and have just bought more via eBay.

Many of your items are for babies or children - good, quick knits! Just keep them simple and you should get them done in next to no time! The tiny gauge adult jumpers? Well, maybe they might have to wait for next Christmas, or give IOUs to the recipients and get them done when you can.