Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Marrying well

I seem to have managed to do this.

Proof #1: This is what I received from my husband for Mother's Day. I have skimmed it and it is Good. Now, mind you...I out-and-out asked for it. However, DH's willingness to bring Yet Another Knitting Book into the house speaks very admirably of his qualities as the husband of a knitter, I think.

Proof #2: DH's family do not think I'm weird because of all the knitting. Seriously. Two of his mother's sisters knit, for starters. In fact, the aunt (not the bride) who stayed overnight at my MIL's with us after Friday's wedding remarked - as I was knitting at the breakfast table - that I reminded her of her mother, always whipping out some knitting. :) In addition to this, one of DH's uncles is married to a woman who is possibly even more obsessive than I...and she doesn't just knit, either. She crochets. She quilts. She embroiders. She sews. She spends gobs and gobs of money and every time she and I talk, I am treated to a description of her monstrous stash and the stuff she makes with it. Not exactly what I would call an unpleasant way to spend a conversation!

There are other knitting-related proofs of my well-made marriage, of course, such as my husband's willingness to learn how to knit; my MIL's ability to hold yarn while I wind a skein; my MIL's penchant for going to her LYS and asking the proprieter to pick out spare-no-expense yarn that I might like; you get the idea.

I am content.

Mountain Laurel Counterpane blanket for baby Gelman
I'm approaching the end of hexagon #5.

(Yeah, I know, a pathetic amount of knitting has been done in the last 24 hours. What can I say - circumstances have been conspiring a bit to make me do other things. It'll pick up, don't worry.)

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