Monday, May 02, 2005

Great minds

So on Saturday afternoon, in between laundry loads, I popped by the computer to do a quickie blog-read. Aven had done a recent entry, so I read it. She talked about how there was an article about the Yarn Harlot in that morning's Toronto Star. So, since we subscribe, I of course raced right downstairs to read the article. And what do I find when I get into the kitchen? My husband, brandishing the newspaper excitedly, saying, "Look! It's her!" :)

Charalynne stopped by and commented again - hello! :) Firstly, I agree very much that my indeed-very-secure-in-his-manhood husband's work is progressing well. He does not think so, however. I keep trying to convince him that he's doing really well, and he keeps insisting that his work looks really beginnerish. I suppose in a way, that's better than him sitting back and thinking, 'Good enough, I won't try to improve any more,' but still, I really wish he could appreciate how much he has accomplished in such a short time.

Secondly, the Snowdrop cloth is meant to be used for whatever my DH's aunt wants to use it for, really. I estimate that by the time it's finished, each side will be about a meter-and-a-half long. So it could have lots of uses - a tablecloth for an end table, or a really massive doily for a dining table, or a throw for a piano seat, or a shawl, or...whatever! I have no use in mind. I'm actually counting on its versatility to be part of the charm of the gift. :)

(I can't wait to see the finished product, either!)

Snowdrop cloth for DH's aunt
By the close of the weekend, I was a whole day ahead of myself, quota-wise. The new target date for completion of all points is May 9, which will give me four days (including the day of the wedding) to tuck all the ends in, block it, dry it and giftwrap it. I may actually make it. (Yes yes, I know actually typing that out was the crack of doom. But it had to be said.) By the end of my commute this morning, I'd done over 41 points, which means I'm over half done, and have rounded two corners. Amazingly, my brain has not imploded from boredom yet. I think I can credit the deadline-induced panic for that. That, and the fact that it is looking fantastic. I even took a picture this weekend, but unfortunately, did not get a chance to download it into my computer for today's blog entry. Sorry. Watch this space for more scintillating updates (yeah, whatever) and maybe even photos (if I ever get my act together) of edging progress.

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