Friday, May 20, 2005

Foreign country heard from

Some extra traffic has been driven here lately from Susan Knits, where my blog is cited as something to read for anyone who feels that they "have taken on too much" and wish to have their "own pile of UFOs" made to seem "very insignificant". :) However, Susan then goes on to say that I am a seriously organized knitter, which is - much to my constant dismay - not true.

Although...thinking about it, I must admit that the knitting aspects of my life are pretty organized. Okay, there's a lot of stash which is lying about messily because the spaces available for stash storage are now totally filled. But other than that, I guess yeah, it's all pretty organized. It's other aspects of my life which are in complete disarray. This is probably why I shrug off any compliments I receive on the parts of my existence which are managed well.

Anyway, I shall stop right there with the self-psychoanalysis. :) Thank you Susan, if you're reading, for the lovely compliments and the additional traffic. For the rest of yez, I encourage taking a peek at her blog - she has nifty projects.

Socks for DH
I completed the heel yesterday and started the main part of the foot. But today I didn't get much done. It's a weird* day at work - I'd say about half our department has taken the day off in order to extend the upcoming Victoria Day long weekend even further. To compound this, most of the rest of my co-workers went to the St. Lawrence Market for lunch - specifically, for focaccia (a luxury I did not think I could afford, given that DH and I might be spending our fun cash on seeing Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith this weekend; and besides, I'd already packed the super-delicious chicken sandwich left over from yesterday's supper). So it was pretty dead around here during the lunch stretch. Given all this lack of company, I spent the middle of the day alternating among surfing the Internet, eating, doing work, and knitting just a little bit on the sock. It doesn't look much bigger. I think I'll try to conceal it in one of the smaller pockets of my bag so that I can take it home for the weekend without DH seeing it. I'm not sure if I can pull this off - none of the pockets seem big enough to hold it. But we'll see.
Mountain Laurel Counterpane blanket for baby Gelman
Newly complete: Half hexagon #1 and full hexagon #8. I'm now working on half hexagon #2. I wanted to take a picture this morning of the updated blanket layout, complete with seven full hexagons, but sadly I spent too much time laying it out and ran out of time to actually take and download the picture. Sigh. But don't worry, more pictures for the blog will happen very soon.

* I've been typing the word 'weird' a fair bit lately, and it's been driving me nuts. My personal instinct is to spell it 'weird'. But The Rules Of English Spelling tell me that I should spell it 'wierd'. But spelling it the latter way just looks wrong to me. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore, so I looked it up. Turns out that my personal instinct is right. The word flies in the face of traditional English spelling wisdom and puts the E before the I. Weird, eh?

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Susan said...

I am a bad blogger! I visited, but didn't comment. I truly meant to, but, well, I'm lazy. I'm astounded at the number of projects you have on the go. I'm very unfaithful to my projects. I keep finding new items I want to knit NOW! So, I start one, put it down, start another, etc. Just last night I finished a swatch for Persian Tiles - inspired by your now frogged afghan (sob! that must have hurt). It's a beautiful pattern - I find I prefer Jade's designs to her mum's. Another on my wish list is her Katherine Howard. I could never wear it - 47, overweight (but slowly losing it). I have some young nieces who just might like it - they are into the medieval thing. I will be checking back to keep an eye on your progress.