Thursday, May 12, 2005


I completed my very first sock today.

I experienced Second Sock Syndrome (SSS) for the very first time today.

My SSS was made even worse by my desire to start my first pair of self-striping socks:

In fact, the only thing preventing me from succumbing to SSS (for the first time) is the fact that the above-pictured yarn is a completely different gauge from what's required in the pattern for the socks I'm working on now. Therefore, I will have to go hunting for a different pattern if I am to use the self-striping yarn. If I had such a pattern easily to hand, I must confess that I probably would already have cast on with the self-striping yarn.

The pull of the self-striping yarn is very strong. But I shall resist. I shall complete the damn second sock so that I can start bragging about my first pair of socks.

And incidentally, this soon-to-be first pair of socks is my daughter's first secret. It will be either a birthday or Father's Day present (depending on how soon I finish) for my husband. She has seen me knitting the socks and asked what they were. So I told her, and I told her it was a secret, and a surprise, and not to tell her dad. Now whenever she sees the socks she says, "You're knitting socks! Shhhhhhh...don't tell Daddy. Iss a secret. Iss a surprise. Shhhhh." :) What are the odds that she will refrain from saying "Don't tell Daddy. Iss a secret." in his presence?

Yeah, I thought so. This will probably end up being my first blown-to-hell surprise knitting gift.

Socks for DH
May I present sock #1:

May I also present the beginnings of sock #2:

(Pictured next to sock #1 so you didn't think I was cheating and recycling an in-progress shot of sock #2.)

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Felicia said...

Lots of people HATE the Bernat sox, but I love it. I've had no problems with the yarn bleeding, and the socks I've knitted with it have held up well!

I have about 10 balls of the cammo yarn, and I love the way it knits up! Fun, fun, fun, and everyone loves cammo!

Congrats on the sock. You're now going to be addicted, and there is no help for you. Everyone you love will get socks from you. Even people you don't love will get socks from you!