Wednesday, May 11, 2005


With all the other stuff I've been wanting to mention on my blog lately, I have completely forgotten in the last few days to acknowledge comments. Sorry!

Firstly, to Sue - "hardworking" is quite the flattering euphemism for "freakin' insane". ;) Thanks. Lara's Oberstdorf sweater looks terrific. Kudos to you for thinking ahead and making something in a larger size. Cuz they grow. FAST.

Secondly, to Bernadette, thank you very much for the compliments on the wedding gift cloth! You should enjoy today's blog, because it contains pictures of the completed work. It looks amazing. I can say that with total modesty because I truly believe that all the amazingness is in the design. I just followed the instructions, and - poof! - gorgeous lace emerged. It was like magic.

Snowdrop cloth for DH's aunt
I sacrificed sleep last night. I was up until about 1am blocking. But I really think it was worth it. I cursed momentarily about halfway through the blocking because I realised I had laid it out upside down. But moments later I blessed this mistake because it revealed two ends that I had missed weaving in. I sewed them in this morning - DD watched me, heard me tell her that I was sewing, and then got her foam '1' from her alphanumeric bathtoy collection, and a golf ball, and started poking the 1 into the ball saying that she was sewing. Gosh she's priceless. But anyhoo...I also discovered another glorious thing about lace knitting: after blocking, it dries super damn fast. I did the full soak with this piece, and it was completely dry six hours after I finished blocking it. So there you go, it's totally done two days ahead of schedule. Glory be. I think the bride is totally gonna plotz. :)

The whole thing

Decoratively draped over my living room futon

Proof that it would probably, as tradition dictates, fit through a wedding band.
Socks for DH
I got so caught up in the excitement of photographing the Snowdrop cloth that I forgot to snap a shot of what sock #1 looks like. Sorry. But it's easy to describe (and you're not missing much - hint: it looks like a half-done sock). I have turned the heel and am working on the last several rows of the instep. Contrary to the rumours about the difficulty of turning a heel, I found it to be a piece of cake. Did I just get a sock pattern with an easy heel, or am I a knitting mutant?

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