Monday, May 16, 2005

2 months till Harry Potter!

Socks for DH
Got several inches done on the trip down to work today, and on my morning break. (Normally I don't have a morning break, but I did First Aid training this morning at work and they gave us a break halfway through.) I haven't done a row count recently, but I'm pretty sure I'm only about 10 rows away from starting the heel. I have had to leave the project at my desk at work instead of putting it in my bag to take home, because every night my husband is the person who goes into my bag for the milk I've pumped during the day so it can go into the fridge. (You may be wondering, if it's my milk, why isn't refrigerating it my responsibility? Logical answer: because my responsibility right after arriving home is putting DD to bed, which includes a nightly nurse - not exactly something her dad can do. :) So, to avoid him seeing his own present (especially since he is the kind of interested and caring guy who asks me what it is that I'm making), I will keep it at work instead and work on it during my lunch breaks.
Mountain Laurel Counterpane blanket for baby Gelman
I finished hexagon #4 over the weekend, and also did one of the edge triangles. I've determined that one skein of the yarn will yield 2 hexagons and over half an edge triangle. So I am pretty sure I'll have enough (I forget for sure how many skeins I have in total, but my memory is telling me thirteen - if that's true, I'm not worried about running out). I laid out the pieces I've made so far to see how it looks - not bad:
? for baby Muth
I'm still leaning towards the lace circular shawl idea. I did some designing last night and I think I've come up with a motif that I really like. Now all I have to do is figure out how to translate it into knitted lace.
Self-striping socks for DH
I found two patterns that I could use for this, and now I'm really itching to start. I just keep having to remember - first socks first. First socks first. Deep breath. First socks first...

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