Thursday, April 21, 2005

Yesterday evening's pros and cons

  • Great little shop!
  • Many knitters! All very friendly, making for a thoroughly enjoyable evening. The only drawback was that, as I was totally new to the group, there were some conversations I could not participate in (given that they revolved around events which I had not been around for). But I do plan to keep going back, so that problem will eventually resolve itself. I don't think I'll be able to make it every week, but maybe every month. It's definitely worth returning for - it's a lovely group of people. Thanks to everyone who was there. :)
  • There was a baby there! The store owner's daughter. She's six weeks old. Wearing knitted baby love. So cute. Sadly, I did not get to hold her because, well, let's face it, her mother doesn't know me from a hole in the ground. However, it was lovely to see a baby.
  • There was roving. Including alpaca roving. Ummmm.
  • Aven and Stephanie were there, as I had hoped. (Aven's new sweater looked terrific.) Sadly, Sue wasn't there (at least not while I was), but hopefully we'll meet up another time.
  • I pulled a me* and got turned around in Kensington Market after I left. As a result, I thought I had emerged out onto College when actually I was on Spadina. Took the wrong streetcar and spent ages longer getting home than I shoulda.
  • There were no 3mm circs in stock at the shop. Obviously, everyone else needed one, too. :)
  • I learned that an electric drum carder would set me back at least a few thousand dollars. A manual drum carder, several hundred at minimum. So much for that idea.
  • I allowed the weather yesterday morning to fool me and so I left my coat at home. It was friggin' freezing from evening onwards and I was coldcoldcold on my way home.
  • I missed my darling girlie a lot a lot a lot. :(
Snowdrop cloth for DH's aunt
You know you're a commuter measure your knitting progress by what station you're at when you hit certain progress points in your knitting. Yesterday morning I noted that it took me until Eglinton station to complete one vertical snowdrop. This morning, it took me only until York Mills. I love all this decreasing! I now have just eleven snowdrops running horizontally across the row. Very soon I will have few enough stitches to be able to stretch the whole thing out on one needle. Sometimes it does get tedious, but I remind myself sternly that the tediousness I am currently experiencing is nothing to how tedious the lace edging is going to be, so I had better suck it up and get to it. :)

* Seriously. My ability to get lost is frightening.

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