Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Hubby sat down last night with me in front of the television and started back in on his knitting. I didn't notice it at first, then looked over to discover that the stuff in his hands was needles and yarn! This all seems pretty wierd. He says he's getting the hang of it more. Instead of being horribly awkward, he tells me, it is now just really awkward. I took a peek at his work this morning - not half bad! It's a bit wonky, but it's certainly scads better than my first attempts. I shall have to take a picture of it when he's done a few more rows and post it here, even though I think he would be embarrassed if he knew I did that. (So, shhhhhh, don't tell.)

Snowdrop cloth for DH's aunt
It occurred to me yesterday that I should be going into full-on panic mode. There are 31 days until the wedding. Today is the 24th day since starting this project. And yet, I am not yet half done the knitting, not to mention that there are yards of lace edging to work around the thing when I do finish, plus blocking and drying...I may be screwed. I shall have to focus on this exclusively from now on, I think, to have an outside shot of completing it on time. So, it came to work with me this morning and it shall get worked on tonight as well. I'm now on the third-last vertical snowdrop until the halfway point. Seven snowdrops knocked out horizontally in the centre panel. Panic knitting continues.

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