Friday, April 08, 2005

Small victories

Snowdrop cloth for DH's aunt
I now have three knocked-out snowdrops, horizontally, in the centre panel. This makes it much easier to notice that there is a centre panel. I think it looks great. Hopefully you agree:
Self-designed sweater for baby MacDonald
I started this up again last night, and I took it to work with me this morning. I'm not finished the bottom ribbing yet, but it's definitely getting there, and I haven't been making any more errors worth mentioning. I also stopped off this morning at the Lewiscraft local to my office and picked up two more balls of the yarn, since I'm running extremely low. I was actually pretty shocked that the yarn was in stock - Murphy's Law usually dictates that if you start a project when you know you don't have enough yarn, without actually going out and buying the extra yarn first, especially when the project gives you as hard a time as this one has been giving me, that more yarn for the project will be totally unattainable. And yet, this was not the case. This makes me very nervous, because surely this means that Murphy will exact revenge on me in some other horrible way?
Carnival Coat for DD
You may recall that yesterday I brought this project and the buttons to work so I could sew the buttons on during my lunch break. I even had needles. But...did I bring the yarn to do the sewing with? Of course not. Buttons had to wait until the evening when I got home. They're now on! They look so good. They match the cardigan so perfectly. However, even though the buttons being on brought completion of the project just that much closer, I couldn't bring myself to do any of the fiddly fixes that have to come next. Later. Much later. When the back of my neck doesn't tense up just thinking about it.

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