Monday, April 11, 2005

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Saturday night while watching Emma (which I enjoyed), I sat down with my husband and taught him how to knit. I began with a basic-principles discussion on how knitting is constructed, and then taught him the knit stitch. I cast on about twenty stitches for him and let him practice away. I think he did three rows. It didn't go too badly! His tension wasn't tremendously even, but it wasn't too uneven either, although I suspect he would have an easier time sticking the needle through stitches if he loosened up a bit. :) I had warned him before starting that the process would probably feel quite awkward at first, what with your hands having to work out how to hold needles and a working strand of yarn, and a few stitches into it he was agreeing with me wholeheartedly. He was a little disappointed after three rows that it wasn't feeling less awkward. I assured him that comfort would come with more practice. But I think he was pretty impressed with himself (at least, I certainly hope he was). And even though he refers to his achievement as 'just the knit stitch - I don't know how to do anything yet, really', I beg to differ, and I'm quite proud of him, especially since he seems interested in continuing.

In blog news, I did some updating of my project archive this weekend. I'm including more details on each project page about the designer, pattern and pattern source. I haven't finished updating all the project pages yet with this new information, but it's coming. I also broke out the list of completed projects year-by-year and added dates. In doing all of this, I remembered quite a lot of other projects I'd done that I'd forgotten about, so a number of those have been added.

NEW - I do shrug for moi
The new Knitty is out and I took a peek. The 'I do' shrug by Jody Prival is gorgeous and I lovelovelove it. IT MUST BE MINE. I think some midnight blue silk I have would match the gauge.
Vigdis tunic for moi
Rats. I meant to take a picture of my progress on this, and forgot. Ah, well, next time. I'm now on the last pattern repeat before the neck shaping on the front.
Snowdrop cloth for DH's aunt
Fewer than five more snowdrops to work vertically before I hit the mid-point and can start decreasing. Woo! There are now five snowdrops broken out horizontally in the centre panel.
Cabled sweater for baby MacDonald
Bottom ribbing is complete, main body has begun. It's looking great so far.

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