Monday, April 04, 2005


Work proceeds very well indeed on the cleanup of the house. Our living/dining room now looks fantastic. All the knitting is conveniently stowed - you either can't see it, or it adds to the decor by looking nice and homey in a basket. The floor is clear. The dining room table is free of crap. The whole space is so relaxing and calming I can't get over it. I mean, I really can't get over it. I've spent countless minutes this weekend just wandering in and looking at the room with this dreamy smile of contentment. I just want to sit in there and knit my little heart out. Which, okay, is no different from what I usually do when I'm in there, but at least now I am calmed and inspired while doing it. Peace reigns.

Anyway, onto my point...while clearing all the crap off the dining room table, I came across a batch of photographs which included mucho pictures of completed knitting projects! I'd been looking for those! So it was with delight that I scanned them, uploaded them, and am now offering them to you for your viewing pleasure. The projects which now have accompanying visuals are:

And a few more projects got new photos this weekend. Firstly, I realised I'd forgotten about a completed project I did - some time ago, I took mercy on my daughter's doll and made her some clothes so she wouldn't have to be dragged around in the buff. Also, my cousin emailed me a photo of her son in the romper I made for him. I'd already posted pictures of the completed romper, but there's nothing like seeing the recipient actually in a knitted item. He looks so incredibly cute and cuddly, you must check it out. (As usual, the child's face has been pixellated out since I never post recognizable shots of kids without parental permission.)

I am amused

People continue to find me through search engines. Some of the searches are totally understandable and normal, but others are pretty funny. This weekend, some funny ones came up.

Someone - who has, perhaps not coincidentally, set up their computer to be completely anonymous - found my A Very Harlot Poncho project page while searching for "harlot photos". :) I am pretty sure he (yes, I'm assuming a certain gender - wouldn't you?) was intensely disappointed. My heart weeps.

And on Friday, someone found me because I am the number one hit when you search for "a list of knitting projects" on Yahoo! Search. That made me laugh.

Vigdis tunic for moi
I should have taken a photo of this one, actually. I got a lot done this weekend. I'm now on pattern repeat #5 out of six. It's looking great.
Snowdrop cloth for DH's aunt
I hauled ass on this project this weekend, I gotta say. I now have fifteen snowdrops running horizontally, and I'm just five rows away from when I get to start knocking out the centre panel. No major errors were committed. In fact, no errors at all that I can remember, except for that one that I noticed about 10 stitches after I'd made it - a quick tink back and all was well once again. Anyone want to put money down that I will start majorly screwing up now that I have gloated about not screwing up? :) I think the odds are good - Murphy does not like to be mocked.
Secret Garden cardigan for niece
I heaved a big sigh this weekend and frogged the whole thing. It now looks like this:

A few minutes into the frogging, DH wandered by and freaked right out. "What are you doing?!?" He calmed down after hearing my logical explanation, especially since there was still enough of the cardigan left that I could show him just how ridiculously small it was. He was still sad that I had to eliminate all my good work, though. And he mused on how strange it was that it takes so long to knit something, but so little time to rip it out. I agree.

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Kathleen said...

Isaac was born May 14 and it was a very adorable sweater! Thanks!