Friday, April 15, 2005

More book launch debriefing

Well, first of all, I'm delighted to be able to say that I found the identity of friendly lady #2 whom I walked to the subway with on Wednesday evening. It's Jackie, whose blog is entitled Norge Thingy.

Second of all, I feel compelled to point out that I've been visiting a whole bunch of GTA knitting blogs since the launch, and an extremely high percentage of them which have entries made since the launch mention the launch. :) We're all such big fans!

And now, to speak to yesterday's comments (I have COMMENTS again...oh it was a happy thing to see). Carol, I am absolutely delighted that you think I'm a speedy knitter. I must admit that I was taking surreptitious glances at the knitters around me at the launch and was thinking, "Oh phew, yes, my speed is definitely okay." I am also relieved to hear of someone else who holds the yarn like me. If there's someone else who does it, it can't be wrong. :) But I must assure your DH that there's really no need to be too impressed, because I do have to look at the chart. Every time I start a new row I have to whip the chart out again and see what's to be done. The new row being memorized (which isn't hard, each individual row is very easy to remember), I stuff the pattern back in my bag and knit away sans chart. Because each row is so big, you could watch me for quite some time without seeing me pull out the chart again.

And speaking of the slipover pattern, I am very, very, very glad you didn't think I was gauche. I have been worried about that. I have always had a penchant for showing off that I haven't quite been able to curtail completely. If I can pull it off okay, though, terrific. It is too bad you didn't come over to say hi, but I do think it's wonderfully neat that you were able to find me in the blog universe!

For Steph, who also commented - well, the only reason I said nice things about the launch was that I hoped you'd give me a cut of your royalties.


But seriously...

Of course I raved about the launch! One says nice things about stuff that is good. :) And thank you again for your compliments on the slipover. It will probably take me many long months of starting and stopping the project before I finish it, but it will totally be worth it.

Snowdrop cloth for DH's aunt
What with one thing and another, I didn't get a whole lot of time to work on this yesterday. However, that almost doesn't matter because I discovered this morning on the train that I'd screwed up. I had failed to take into account all the implications of the planned decreasing on the pattern. As a result, I overshot the point where I was supposed to start decreasing by one vertical snowdrop. Sigh. So...on my lunch break I took the needle out of the work, spread the whole thing out on a conference table and ripped it back to where I should have stopped increasing. Then, very carefully and painstakingly, I put the needle back into every single stitch. After that was all done, I still had some time left on my break (allowing for time to eat, of course) and so I did my first decrease row. Oh, the triumph. I feel much better now.

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Aven said...

I wanted to post about the launch too, but the last two days have been really buy, and this weekend is, too. But I wanted to be part of the hometown fandom too! I also wish I'd mingled more, and met more of the GTA bloggers; I meant to, but I just kind of got ensconced in my chair and involved with my knitting, and never really managed to get up and wander around. Ah well, it was a grand time anyways!