Friday, April 22, 2005

Miscellaneous thought bubbles

I haven't seen DH's knitting for several days. I have no idea how far along it is, or what it looks like, or how he's improving, or anything. I am going to have to hunt it down and find out! (And, well, also take a picture of it for the blog. :)

Yesterday on the subway I got complimented on my Snowdrop project by another knitter. She thought it was fantastic. She also recognized that the pattern was not complex and said she might try to do it herself.

There was a knitting reference on CSI last night. Alas, it was not a positive one. Corruption in high levels of government in the city of Los Angeles had been discovered, and the cop who had the power to whistle-blow was pondering whether or not to do anything about it. She realised this could mean her job, and when it was pointed out to her that she could just retire after the case went through, she said, "And what am I supposed to do? Knit?" Sigh. But I must admit to wanting to yell at the screen, "Yes! That totally sounds like a plan! Blow the whistle and get knitting!"

Snowdrop cloth for DH's aunt
I'm measuring my progress by commuting milestones I not only finished one snowdrop before I even got to the subway, I almost got two snowdrops done by the time I got to work. There are now just five snowdrops running horizontally across the row. I am so close to finishing the main body. So close. Whee!

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