Friday, March 04, 2005

They lied

A few days ago I was all riled because the Yarn Harlot's book was supposed to have come out and Indigo hadn't shipped my copy yet. Well, in desperation, I did some Google hunting, and it seems that although Amazon claims the launch date is March 1, other vendors of the book are saying the date is much later in March. In fact, according to Barnes & Noble, the date is March 28. Augh! 24 more days?!? I may explode before then. Damn you, Amazon...

Itchy-and-Scratchy mittens for baby MacDonald
Embroidery is almost finished on Itchy:

I expect to be finished by the time I go to sleep tonight.
Carnival Coat for DD
I have now reached the point on the skirt where I was when I ran out of yarn the first time around. And I still have yarn left. (It had better be enough. If not, I will start shooting people.) Five more rows until cast-off. I am so hoping to have finished all the knitting on this cardigan by the end of the day. (Sewing on the buttons will probably have to wait until tomorrow.)

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