Thursday, March 10, 2005

Responsible? Me?

I was struck with a sudden realisation yesterday. Casting on for the Cape Cod sweater means that I have begun all three of my Christmas knitting projects. In March. Before March is even half over.

That's pretty stunning.

Does this mean I stand a chance of getting all my Christmas knitting gifts done in time? Well, sadly, probably not. I have, in what is probably one of the most dumbassed moves of all time, chosen three projects with really small gauge which are going to take a very, very long time to do, each. Combined with all the other smaller projects I do throughout the year, nine and a half months is probably not nearly enough time to get it all done. But of course I shall try.

Cape Cod sweater for MIL
Work proceeds, slowly. Quadrupling really fine yarn has been resulting in frequent tangling. Nothing serious so far, but it does slow the process down. Before I left the house, the sweater looked like this:

Sad, I know. But since then I've done a few more rows and it's looking better and better.
A Very Harlot Poncho for moi
Worked on this last night while watching American Idol. (Yes, I watch the Idol shows. What can I say, I like music and hearing people sing. All other 'unreality' shows are anathema to me, though - hopefully this will redeem me in your eyes.)

It's hard to tell from this picture, which just basically looks like a lump of wool (albeit gorgeous wool), but it's coming along. I have now used up more wool than I used in the first version of the poncho before I decided to frog it and start over. I'm feeling more confident about the new poncho pattern, too. But I'm thinking I'll be abandoning the fringe trim and getting some silver beads or coins to weigh down the edges instead. I think it will look quite swizz like that. I don't know when I'll be able to haul myself out to a bead shop, but the theory is good.

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