Wednesday, March 02, 2005


My co-worker of the excess knitting supplies brought half her stuff today. I am now the owner of a whole bunch of Patons Knit 'n Save Brushed Chunky yarn, one ball of cotton yarn, a few patterns, a knitting techniques book and one 6mm needle. The rest of the loot apparently will come tomorrow - I have been told to expect books and needles. I'm not sure whether I'll want to keep all of it, but just having more knitting stuff in my possession is making me quite happy for the moment. I am trying not to think of how I'm going to cart it all home on the subway.

My joy is dampened, though - the Yarn Harlot's first book was supposed to come out yesterday and I have yet to receive a notification from Indigo that my copy has been shipped. And no, I can't be patient about this. I want my copy and I want it NOW. Humph.

Cape Cod sweater for MIL
I won two yarn auctions a few days ago. I am counting on one of these auctions being the yarn I will use for this project. The first is a one-pound cone of 63% silk/37% cotton in a white/natural colour. The second is a 1.25-pound cone of 60% cotton/%40 linen in a lilac that I am really hoping is the colour I had in mind for this project originally. Unfortunately, with the vagaries of digital photography colour and differing monitor displays, it will be impossible to tell until the yarn is in my possession. As always happens when I am expecting a knitting package, I am now practically vibrating with suppressed anticipation.
Itchy-and-Scratchy mittens for baby MacDonald
Got a bit more done on this last night - I'm now ready to start the shaping on the second mitten.
Carnival Coat for DD
This is what the skirt looked like before the Great Frog:

However, don't mourn too much. Skirt Mark II is rapidly catching up to its predecessor - I'm over a third done.

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