Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Lace knitting 1, lace knitting newbie 0

Snowdrop cloth for DH's aunt
Last night I sat down in front of the TV, enormously happy. All my evening chores had been done and I was looking forward to an early night. I was comfy on my futon, American Idol was coming up, and I was going to make some excellent headway on my lace knitting. I looked over the knitting to see where I was and started up with gusto. About three-quarters into the first row, I realised I'd done something wrong. I appeared to have one too many stitches. Hm. Must've messed up somewhere. I looked back, counting carefully, and thought I'd discovered the problem. Tink. Re-knit. At the same point as before, I notice the problem again...only this time I seem to have two too many stitches. Tink. What with being engrossed in the show, it took pretty much the whole evening before I realised the problem: where I thought I was in the pattern was two rows behind where I actually was in the pattern. All that enthusiasm and I got two measly rows done last night. Phooey. And just to rub it in, I discovered on my way to work today that I had forgotten a chore: making my lunch. Sob. Heaven only knows what I'm going to eat today. Maybe I have enough Subway tokens for a free sub when I buy a drink.
NEW - Vigdis for moi
It's a sickness. Well, what else was I going to do, really...I just frogged back my Persian Tiles afghan project, and now I have a whole bunch of heavy worsted weight purple acrylic yarn taking up space in my home. I have to do something with it, doncha know. Vigdis is a large tunic pattern by Elsebeth Lavold, and it seems to call for a chunky weight yarn. I'm hoping the purple yarn will cut it. I'm swatching, but to my dismay, the gauge is looking a bit too small. Perhaps I'll up the needle size.
Cape Cod sweater for MIL
I finished the first pattern set. The instructions call for doing four and a half pattern sets before starting on the underarm gussets, but since the finished sweater is long and I want it to be short, I can get away with doing fewer pattern sets before the gussets. I was thinking of axing just one of the sets, but I'm looking at the model in the book, and it really does look like cutting out two pattern sets off the bottom would give me the length I want. Hey, if I'm wrong, I can always do up another pattern set and graft it into the sweater. (Famous last words.)

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