Monday, March 28, 2005

Knitting on the go

Snowdrop cloth for DH's aunt
I wanted very much to take this to my MIL's yesterday, but I was nervous that maybe the bride herself might drop in for a visit, so I resisted. Naturally, DH's aunt was not there. (Murphy's Law always wins.) However, I still had the picture I took of it sitting in my camcorder, so I showed that to my MIL and she thought it was beautiful. She also doesn't think DH and I will be alone in ignoring the no-gifts rule for this wedding. :) Anyway, to make it up to myself, I worked on this project yesterday evening instead, after we got home and I'd done most of my chores. It's really going well. I've now got nine snowdrops running horizontally.
Cape Cod sweater for MIL
These tangles are really killing me. They're a huge time-buster, and they're also pissing me off. As the skeins start running out and I have to wind new ones, I will pull the yarn from the outside of the new skeins. Pulling from the inside is what seems to be causing all these tangles. (In direct contravention of traditional knitting wisdom, thus upping the pissing-off factor.) I didn't even get one lousy row finished this morning thanks to all the untangling...and I still have quite the snarl to finish fixing!
Carnival Coat for DD
I didn't get any more work done on this, but I did take the buttons over to my MIL's. I explained the button problem (pattern error - the materials list calls for two buttons, so my MIL bought me two buttons, but the pattern actually requires three). She said she'd get me another two-pack of the buttons, or, if the shop didn't have any more of those buttons, a whole new button set that would match. Isn't she nice? :)
Spanish Knight sweater for Mom
This is what I took to my MIL's yesterday afternoon. And considering that I did a lot of running around with DD, I still managed to get a fair bit accomplished. I am liking this project more and more all the time. The yarn is producing such a beautiful-feeling fabric. Super-soft, very luxurious (that's the silk talking), but it is also obviously going to be very cozy and warm (that's the wool). Lovin' it.

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