Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Knitting and work...the line blurs

I think everyone in my department knows I knit. But lately it seems that more people are acknowledging it. When I left the argyle cardigan on Rob's desk, a lot of people apparently went in to take a peek, because I got several compliments from co-workers who'd seen it. Furthermore, a number of my co-workers are now coming out of the woodwork and revealing that they know how to knit. A few weeks ago, one of my co-workers asked if I had a legwarmers pattern she could make, so I directed her to a bunch of free patterns online which she thought were great. Around the same time, another co-worker asked to borrow some 6mm needles for a scarf project (which I blithely assured her was no problem, before discovering that I don't actually own any, thus making it difficult to lend some to her - I found this a bit embarrassing). The same co-worker then came by yesterday to ask how to bind off. One of my cubicle neighbours revealed last week that she also knits, although not much, and nothing complicated, and then we had a conversation about fibres and the cost of yarn. Finally, yesterday, another cubicle neighbour came by to offer me her entire knitting stash, free. She has a few WIPs that she doesn't intend to finish, a bunch of yarn, as well as needles and patterns.


(Hey, I'm always happy to take free knitting supplies off of someone's hands.)

So...the office seems to be turning into a source of knitting discussion. I ain't complaining! Hey, if I can't knit 24/7, at least I can work around people who like to talk about it. I'm seriously thinking of doing a knitting Lunch 'n Learn in the office for anyone who's interested. Try to convert more people to The Cause, ya know? It's worth a shot!

Anyway, alas, no photos today. I took them, but I ran out of time this morning to edit and upload them to the blog.

Carnival Coat for DD
Unwilling to let all the work I did on the skirt go quietly into the night, I took a picture before embarking upon The Great Frogging of 2005. (*Sob*) I'll try to post it tomorrow. I finished the frogging in the car this morning, then re-cast on (with 43 stitches instead of 50) and got 22 rows finished before getting off the subway. My goal is to do 60 rows every day - that way I can be finished the skirt after 5 days of work and then get this darn project off my plate.
Itchy-and-Scratchy mittens for baby MacDonald
Finished the ribbing - now working on the main body of the mitten. If, indeed, a mitten can be said to have a body. But I think you know what I mean.
Self-designed poncho for baby Ashthorn
Dropped this off with my mom last night - she's going to package it up with the blanket she crocheted for the baby and send both presents off together so I don't have to. (Thanks, Mom!) So, I now consider this project 'given'.

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