Wednesday, March 16, 2005

4 more months until Harry Potter!

I'm feeling better. Not perfect, but not treely ruly sick, either. I will continue to drink lots of OJ and go to bed at a reasonable time, and with any luck, this germ will not take me down completely.

There have been a few changes on the blog recently. Firstly, I've broken out my detailed master list of all my projects. Having it in one big file was excruciatingly long and I wanted to have each project in its own file. Plus, I've shortened up the blog title and increased the font size. All pretty minor changes, but in case you were wondering, "Wasn't this different last time I was here? Am I going mad?", I thought I'd post a reassurance that no, it's not just you. :) In fact, keep your hair on, I'll probably keep tweaking the look here and there a bit on an ongoing basis as the urge hits me.

Different strokes

I was reading Sandy Garcia's column in metro today for a review of last night's American Idol. She found last night's show a real yawner. So much so, that she compared its tediousness to that of sitting in a three-hour knitting class. Humph. My reaction would have been, "A three-hour knitting class? OoooOOOOOoooh!" Anyone wanna start taking bets that this lady is going to get inundated with indignant letters from irate knitters? Ah, well. You can't please everyone. I'm sure even if she'd said that the show was like a three-hour test pattern marathon on TV, she'd be inundated with indignant letters from die-hard TV test pattern fans. :) It does suck that she happened to choose knitting as the epitome of boring, though. Knitting isn't boring. Spending three hours not knitting is boring. Get it straight, Sandy.

Cape Cod sweater for MIL
One of the skeins has a tangle at the moment, so that's slowing me right down. Yes yes yes, I should have plied it all up beforehand. Whatever. I wanted to knit. So I'm plying as I go. Mostly it's going well, but every now and then a tangle pops up, and I do some growling. Before I left for work this morning, the project looked like this:

Alas, only one or two rows have been done since. Curse you, tangle. I'm trying to achieve at least a centimetre per day. But I'm not that worried. I'll soon sort the tangle out and then I can get back to meeting my 'quota'.
Self-designed sweater for baby MacDonald
I ripped it out again last night. (This poor yarn, I tell ya.) I had another idea for how I wanted to do the bottom ribbing, so of course I had not choice but to frog. Got it back on the needles pretty quickly, though. Re-ribbing proceeds.

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