Tuesday, February 22, 2005

You know your blog has 'made it' when...


Yesterday I got my first ever comments spam. Groan. Needless to say, I didn't let it hang around for long. Happily, it was replaced by some compliments from Roberta, who likes the Hillhead slipover I'm working on. I agree about the beautiful pattern, and the way the turquoise 'pops'. The moment I saw the picture in the book, I knew I wanted to make it. That's usually what defines a 'good' pattern for me - if the ol' fingers start itching to try it. :)

Itchy-and-Scratchy mittens for baby MacDonald
These got taken to work today. However, I spent most of the commute dozing (thanks to DD waking up in the middle of the night, due to a number of factors which DH and I agree were his fault, but I'm not bitter, honest), so only about a half inch more got done on the ribbing of mitten #1.
Carnival Coat for DD
The entire top of the cardigan is now finished! I am all ready to start the "skirt" part, which is knitted separately from the rest of the cardigan and then somehow grafted (perpendicularly) onto the yoke. It looks like this:

I suspect the sleeves are too long, but I will worry about whether I need to fix that once the whole cardigan is finished and I get a better perspective on how the sleeves measure up.

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Lost said...

I absolutely adore the carnival jacket! Is there any way I can get a pattern for it?