Friday, February 18, 2005

Naughty and proud of it

You will notice a distinct lack of photographs in today's blog. This is not because no knitting got done since yesterday's entry. (Perish the thought.) It is because last night was my wedding anniversary, and my hubby and I forewent our usual evening past-times (which for me includes taking pictures of knitting) for - well - an extended amount of time in which to engage in other pursuits. So sue me. I regret nothing.

Last night I dreamed of my grandfather. Specifically, I dreamed that he was back. None of my family members could understand how this happened (we were all in the dream), but there he was. The weird part is how real it all felt - it seemed like he was really and truly there. The way he talked, the stories he told, the feeling of his presence - the whole thing, as he was before he got sick. It was marvellous. Wow, I miss him. At any rate, I decided this was a sign - I took his slipover on the commute today so I could continue knitting it.

Hillhead slipover for Grandpa
Two more rows got done this morning on the commute. I know that doesn't sound like a whole lot, but there was a lot of untangling that had to be done, too. Plus, each row is 330 stitches - not exactly a fast knit. But I love the way the pattern pops more and more with each row I finish.
Carnival Coat for DD
Sleeve #1 is almost finished - I've got about five rows left on the cuff, which is done in garter stitch with the pink-and-blue yarn.
Blanket for baby Gelman
I got a few more rows done on this while DH was preparing supper last night. Nothing to write home about. (But enough to blog about, obviously.)

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