Thursday, February 24, 2005

I am neither pregnant, nor elderly, nor disabled, but...

Apparently, just being a knitter can get me a seat on the subway. I got on the train to go home yesterday, as always, and it was crowded, as always. So I found myself a little spot where I could stand and keep my balance while knitting - again, as always. And the young man in front of me insisted on giving me his seat. He wasn't getting off the train, but he wanted me to sit because it isn't easy to stand and knit while the subway is going. How about that, eh? Just when I thought courtesy was dead in this city. I thanked him a lot, sat down, and felt guilty as sin the whole way home.

Be warned, today's photos are not exciting.

Cape Cod sweater for MIL
I have discovered possibly the most generous seller on eBay. Prior to my winning the auction of the pale apricot possibly-silk, the seller had sent me a sample and had advised me to bid on the cone anyway if I wanted it, and if I didn't like the stuff, she would be happy to refund my money. (!!!) Well, the sample arrived before I had a chance to pay her for the auction, and unfortunately the colour wasn't as I had hoped (the vagaries of monitor differences strike again) and it didn't really feel like silk (I'm thinking maybe cotton). So I emailed the seller again, asking her if I could take her up on her refund offer, and if so, I offered to pay her insertion fees, final value fees and the postage costs for the sample. She emailed me back saying no problem and told me not to worry about any fee reimbursement. What a totally nice person. Needless to say, I left her extremely positive feedback. If anyone's interested, she's Mad Angel Creations. Unfortunately, as nice as this transaction was, it means that I am still yarn-less for this project. I shall continue to hunt.
Itchy-and-Scratchy mittens for baby MacDonald
Mitten #1 is nearing completion:

I should point out an error in my last blog entry. I referred to the yarn I was using for this project as 'wool' - trust me, wool it ain't. :) It's baby-soft, 100% acrylic. I must stop using 'wool' as a synonym for 'yarn'!
Carnival Coat for DD
I have begun the skirt portion of the cardigan. It is entirely uninteresting, but here it is anyway:

This may well be the only picture you see of the skirt on its own. I'm having trouble seeing the point of displaying an increasingly long rectangle. :)

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loulou said...

lol! I've had people move away from me on the subway (like i've got the plague or something) because they don't want to get impaled by my needles. There are benefits to knitting on public transit!