Wednesday, February 16, 2005

5 months till Harry Potter!

Colleen left a comment to say that she loves the argyle sweater. Thank you very much! You should enjoy today's pictures, then (I finished it). Alas, I will not be keeping it long after DD outgrows it, because it is actually destined for one of my co-workers. I know, I know, it's hard to tell exactly which of my WIPs is for whom. :) This is entirely my fault. I've lost track of the number of baby sweaters and cardigans I'm working on right now. Part of the purpose of this blog is to keep track of that stuff for me so my brain doesn't have to. Although, I must admit, DD would probably look smashing in it. (I am biased, though - I think she would look smashing in just about everything.) I'm sure my co-worker will really like it. And one of these days I plan to write up the instructions for the argyle cardigan and post them here so others can make it, if they wanna.

Carnival Coat for DD
Got a bit of work done on this last night, but not enough to merit a photograph before I left home this morning. But by the time I got off the subway, I was only about 4 rows away from the end of the raglan shaping. So it's coming along nicely.
United Way argyle cardigan for Jack Rosatelli
DONE! Yeehaw! Finished weaving in all the ends last night, and sewing on the buttons.

I should add that the photos of the completed cardigan were taken before it fell out of my bag this morning into dirty road slush. Yes, you read that right. Disgusting, dirty road slush. How bad do I feel? Pretty damn bad. Fortunately, only a few parts of the cardigan here and there at the back made contact with the slush, and I didn't give the slush enough time to really "sink in", so it didn't look too horribly bad, just wet. But I'm still kicking myself over it. Hard. (I am also hoping for wonderful, glorious things to happen to the lovely woman behind me who actually noticed that it had fallen out of my bag, without whom I would be frantically pawing through my bag right now in a panic, wondering where the damn cardigan was). Anyway, this morning when I came into work, I folded it nicely and placed it on my co-worker's chair. I will definitely be warning him to wash the cardigan, and apologizing profusely for my clumsiness. Doh.
Spanish Knight sweater for Mom
Work continues. Here's an updated photo:

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